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About Subvert Audio
Subvert Audio is a music program designed to try and stimulate creativity in the user. To do this, it imposes certain restraints on the user, in an attempt to encourage more creative thought processes, and solutions to the problem these restraints introduce. In addition to the restraints imposed, Subvert Audio strives to encourage exploration of the program, and reward efforts to discover/create new ways of using it. It is, essentially, a program that is designed to be subverted, the idea being that in the process of doing so, the user's creativity will be stimulated.

In some ways, the program is similar to graphical music programming languages such as Max/MSP et al. Indeed, prior knowledge of such environments could be seen as beneficial to Subvert Audio's methods of stimulating creativity.

Subvert Audio was developed as the main project for my Masters in Music Technology at Glasgow University. You can read the accompanying thesis/dissertation at the Sourceforge Downloads page.
Note: I would recommend that you don't read this before you've used the program for a while, as the experience of using the program could be spoiled somewhat by the description of the program's fundamentals contained within it.

- Niall Moody (22/2/05).